Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Saxony – Reconciliation in the Works

A small funeral, attended by members of the family, laid to rest the earthly remains of the late Margrave of Meißen, Maria Emanuel of Saxony. The mourners gathered at the Wettin Royal Chapel in Brennbichl, Austria. Surrounded by towering peaks, this small chapel was chosen by members of the Royal House of Saxony to be the site of their family necropolis.

The immediate family of the late Margrave were present to lend their support to his grieving widow, while also paying their respects to a truly nice man. Surrounding the Margravine Anastasia-Luise were her nephew Alexander, the new Margrave of Meißen, his wife Gisela of Bavaria and their four children. Also attending the funeral ceremony was Prince Albert of Saxony, who was accompanied by his widow Elmira. They were the couple that had tried to revoke a family accord that settled the Royal Saxon succession.

The earthly remains of Maria Emanuel were placed in a sealed zinc coffin, which was then placed inside an oak coffin. During the ceremony the Royal Saxon standard covered the coffin.

Had Maria Emanuel ruled Saxony, his reign would have last nearly four and a half decades as his father, Friedrich Christian, the first Margrave of Meißen, passed away in 1968. The last King of Saxony, Friedrich August III, died in 1932. Among his siblings was Maria Josepha, who in 1886 married Archduke Otto of Austria, a nephew of Emperor Franz Joseph. Otto and his wife were the parents of two sons: Archduke Karl, who in 1916 succeeded as the last Austro-Hungarian monarch, and Maximilian, who was the father of Archduke Ferdinand and Archduke Heinrich. Ferdinand's children include Archduke Maximilian, who resides in Madrid, and Fürstin Sophie zu Windisch-Grätz, who resides in Italy. Their mother is Archduchess Helen (née Toerring-Jettenbach), the only daughter of Princess Elisabeth of Greece, herself the middle daughter of Grand Duchess Helen Vladimirovna of Russia.

It was also reported that previous to the funeral ceremony, the new Margrave, Prince Alexander, met with his uncle Prince Albert (who had claimed the title immediately after Maria Emanuel's death). As a result of this meeting, yet to be confirmed by Prince Alexander to us, Prince Albert is said to have initiated a reconciliation and told the press, "I just want peace in the royal house!"

The public requiem for Margrave Maria Emanuel is this Friday in Dresden.

 The late Margrave of Meißen, Maria Emanuel of Saxony.

Prince Alexander of Saxony, Margravine Anastasia-Luise and Margrave Maria Emanuel
of Meißen, Princess Gisela of Bavaria.

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